I-9 Verification Audit

How sure are you that your I-9 forms are in order and will pass inspection? In fact, how sure are you that you have been using the correct I-9 form?  

An I-9 form, accurately and timely completed, is required to verify your employees’ identity and eligibility to work. Fines for non-compliance, ranging from unlawful hiring to technical paperwork errors, can result in costly civil and criminal penalties. Requirements are detailed, and strict, and if you have never been audited by the Department of Homeland Security, you should feel fortunate. 

An Alternative HR I-9 Verification Audit will get you prepared. We will go through and check for errors, alert you to any corrections you need to make, guide you through the correction process, and train your hiring managers how to avoid errors. Once verified, we recommend you do an annual self-audit of forms from all new hires. Contact us at 605.335.8198.