Compensation & Benefits Analysis

Your total compensation system is critical to how well you recruit, retain and engage your people. From an executive/management perspective, comp and benefit decisions are complex because they involve competing values: attracting great workers while at the same time keeping payroll costs within budget.

From an employee point of view, compensation is not simply a source of economic livelihood, but it shapes their perception of fairness, it becomes a component of job satisfaction, and it serves as a measure of job status when comparing themselves to other workers.

Why should your organization take an in-depth look at your total compensation and benefit offerings?

Your organization’s total compensation has a huge impact on your recruiting, retention, engagement, and your overall reputation.

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Steps to Alternative HR’s Compensation & Benefits Analysis:

  • Determine your comp philosophy and objectives;
  • Examine current positions, job descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, and reporting structures;
  • Review current comp practices, including internal equity;
  • Analyze comp factors and comparable values;
  • Identify and study marketplace comp data that impacts your organization;
  • Recommend wage ranges for each position;
  • Help you implement selected updates to your organization’s comp and benefits system;
  • Provide guidelines for implementing, managing and adjusting the system going forward.

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