Human Resource Risk Assessment

Is it Time for an Organizational Check-Up?

Our Human Resource Risk Assessment helps employers take a hard look at what they are doing well and where they need to focus some attention or “patch” some holes. We point out strengths and accomplishments, and identify risks, exposures and weaknesses in order to protect the organization. We help our clients create a culture of engagement, productivity and success.

We know that very few organizations intentionally fail to comply with state and federal regulations. But we also know that most of them have work to do in one or more area of compliance.

Our Human Resource Risk Assessment looks at how the organization is doing in 12 employment-related categories. We conduct a general review of policies, procedures, practices, forms and files in order to answer three key questions:

Not every HR issue is a compliance issue, of course. Many times policies and procedures are legitimate, yet not very practical or effective. Other times, policies that are well drafted and well intended are simply not enforced.

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Alternative HR’s 12 Category HR Review