Human Resources Alternative

Providing the tools and support that ensure employers find, train, and maintain a strong, powerful team, paving the way for total success.

Your people are your greatest asset

When everything is running smoothly, that is! Sometimes, though, your people are your greatest cause of frustration and anxiety.

That’s where Alternative HR LLC comes in. We help you with the people-side of your business. We manage or supplement your HR functions. We help you compete for great talent, comply with employment laws and regulations, and create an environment where your people can excel.

As your HR support, we can help with any or all of the following:

  • Human Resources Management; Human Resource Solutions
  • Outsourced HR;  Fractional HR; Interim HR; HR On-Demand
  • Recruit, Screen, Assess, Interview, Hire, On-Board
  • Write Job Offers, Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews and Policy Handbooks
  • Assure Compliance (i.e. I-9s, FLSA, FMLA, Work Comp, OSHA Mandates
  • Manage Benefits and Compensation; Compensation Analysis; Pay Equity
  • Assist with Performance Management, Coaching, Corrections and Discipline
  • Provide Supervisory Training and The Prioritized Leader Coaching
  • Provide Respect at Work Training (Workplace Behavior, Diversity, and Inclusion)
  • DISC; Emotional Quotient; Driving Forces; 360 Degree Feedback

What we really provide, though, is peace of mind and assurance that you, your people and your business are better off because we’ve got your back.

HR Services

At Alternative HR, we connect employers to their most critical resource: employees. We also provide training and support, hiring and firing counsel and documentation, benefits data and information, and more.

HR On-Demand

Fractional & Interim HR

HR Solutions

Training & Coaching

Powerful Team

A powerful team paves the way for total success, meaning success for you, the leader, and success for your employees. Each member of your team can and should be well trained, well supported, fairly compensated and cared for, so they deliver every time, on time, which determines your bottom line. Alternative HR helps you build that team.


Problems are a natural part of running a business, which is why we provide your HR solutions, so you can stay focused on growth and success. Your organization can run like a well oiled machine, with each team member on the same page, all your documents filed and up to date, and all your deadlines met. Even before an issue arises, Alternative HR is here to solve it.


It all comes down to this: excellence, every time. You show up in your market, for your clients, among your peers, a cut above the rest, with a powerful team in place. You cannot fail. It all begins with your most valuable resource: your staff. Alternative HR has built a legacy of excellence over the last several decades, and we’re here to help you build yours.

What our clients are saying

A.V., Director

Many thanks for your expert help over this past year. It made all the difference to work with you. Your help from the ads to the placement of those ads to helping with questions for first interviews—this search turned out well because of your professional advice. I don’t want to say “can’t wait to work with you again” for that would mean an opening, but I now know that I have an HR professional I can turn to who will make all the difference.

B.J., VP of Operations

Our Consultant played a huge instrumental part in helping us get things up to date, fielding employee relations, recruitment and regular day-to-day HR tasks.

R.G., President

I received very positive feedback on the training. A number of administrators commented that they have never had that type of training opportunity, so I think it was definitely worth doing.

M.S., Business Owner

Engaging Alternative HR was one of the best business decisions I ever made.

D.O. President

Your skills and knowledge in the areas of human resource management and your ability to work with our staff have been a big help to us. You have made a significant contribution to our success.

K.R., Business Agent

I would recommend your services to anyone! It was much easier having an educated third party weigh through the process and narrow the applicants to the best candidates "on paper" so we could concentrate on their personalities and team fit.

LC, EVP Human Resources

Our consultant was a pleasure to work with and one that works next to perfection, I’d say. And that’s a good thing for the compensation project she completed for us. I knew she wasn't going to be satisfied with the end result until we got it to where it is today. I definitely want to do more work with Alternative HR and this is definitely an incentive to continue using your services in the future. We really appreciate all of the fine work and hours you put into our large project!

AR, Vice President

My Consultant has been a HUGE help all around. It's nice to have a “real” HR person involved to get some common practices established, fresh ideas, etc. She has been great, and I’m glad AHR is part of the team!

AS, Operations Manager

I am personally in the best place I have been in since I took on this role, and it truly is because of the personal coaching from AHR.